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Chance Cunningham of The Clan - February 22, 2013

Have The Clan Cunningham Society or International presented a clan tent in the 2012 games? or further along in the past?

Steve - February 23, 2013

Hi, unfortunately we have not had the Cunningham Clan represented for a while, is this something you are thinking about doing? Let us know, we would be delighted to see you at our festival!

Chance Cunningham of The Clan - February 23, 2013

Hello Steve,

Thank-you for your timely response. My wife and I are very interested in hosting a Clan Cunningham tent. We are currently working out the logistics. We just needed to verify that The Clan isnt being represented already.

Also, what does it take to volunteer at The Scotfest? and what volunteer opportunities are there?

Nick - February 25, 2013

On the link you have for the games, other then that listed do you have openings for new events such as the weight for distance and high land wrestling. I just moved to the Tulsa area from Kansas City and I primarily competed in the Weight for Distance and The Highland Wrestling. Or do you already have these events and they just are not listed as of yet? Thank-you for your attention to this small matter.


Scott - February 25, 2013

Are there any opportunities for volunteering at the events this year?

Nick - February 27, 2013

Does the Scotfest participate in the weight for distance or highland wrestling?

Steve - February 27, 2013

Hi Nick, we are still updating our website, but to answer your question, we do the weight for distance, but not wrestling at this time. The full list (hopefully I get them all here) are Braemar Stone, Open Stone, HW for Distance, LW for Distance, Heavy Hammer, Hammer, Weight over Bar, Sheaf Toss, Caber Toss…additionally, the Farmers Walks and Challenge Caber. We also have a Strongman Competition. Feel free to also contact our Athletics Director Matt Thompson directly at athletics@okscotfest.com

Steve - February 27, 2013

Hi Scott, there are always opportunities to volunteer at our event and would welcome your support. Our volunteer signup page will be up soon online but you can always email us at volunteers@okscotfest.com with your contact information. Thanks!

Matt - August 9, 2013

Nick, The weight for distance is part of the highland games. Traditionally the games consist of 9 events including the 28# and 56# Weights. Competitors participate in all events. We are planning to run an open clinic Saturday afternoon at the games and the Men’s C class will compete on Sunday.

Lyn Martin - August 11, 2014

What are prices for children under 10 this year? I have a child performing with the Irish dancers also. Will I be required to pay admission for her?

Looking forward to a great festival!
Lyn Martin

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