The best of Scottish Highland and Irish dance, from traditional warrior dances to modern choreographies to graceful ladies’ dances. ┬áThese dances embody the history, culture, and energy of Scotland and Ireland, telling a story through powerful rhythm and movement.


Ladymon School of Scottish Dance

LADYMON SCHOOL OF SCOTTISH DANCE The Ladymon School of Scottish Dance brings a unique mix of traditional and contemporary Scottish Highland dance to SCOTFEST. Led by Premier dancer and instructor Laura Ladymon, who has performed at SCOTFEST every year since 1997, these ladies showcase a variety of ancient war dances, balletic ladies’ dances, and Celtic […]

Broken Arrow Dance Academy

BROKEN ARROW DANCE ACADEMY The Celtic Pride Irish dance troupe from Broken Arrow Dance Academy has been a staple at SCOTFEST for years. With a modern take on traditional Irish dance, the Celtic Pride dancers bring a rousing show to the stage. Principal dancer and instructor Julie Hawkins, who teaches a variety of dance styles […]

Goode Academy of Irish Dance

GOODE ACADEMY OF IRISH DANCE The Goode Academy of Irish Dance, based in Tulsa, offers competitive and recreational Irish dance classes instructed by KT Goode, TCRG and retired competitive dancer. This highly active troupe, with members ranging from young children to adults, performs regularly around the Tulsa area and includes world championship-qualifying dancers.

Oklahoma Academy of Irish Dance

OKLAHOMA ACADEMY OF IRISH DANCE The OAID performance troupe is comprised of dancers ages 6 to adult of all levels. The dancers work together to present an upbeat and fun performance for audiences young and old. In their show they present examples of Irish step dancing in both hard shoes and soft shoes as well […]

All About Irish

ALL ABOUT IRISH The All About Irish School of Dance, based in Shawnee under the direction of Diana Rodgers, was founded in 2003 and has performed at SCOTFEST and other events throughout Oklahoma since then. Ranging from age 5 to adult, the dancers of All About Irish showcase a dedication to traditional Irish footwork set […]