Meet the core team that make this event happen…

Steve CampbellExecutive Director – “alleged” Scottish dictator, ’nuff said!  His bark is much worse than his bite!

Eric RobertsonVice Chair / Chief Emcee, which basically means you can hear him but never find him with his roaming microphone…if you ever see him, tell him Steve’s looking for him! – he’s also Scottish…kind of…been at this festival lark a long time…a serious gluten for punishment, especially as he has been past President of the Scottish Club 3 times, yep 3 times…probably time for that straight jacket about now…

Aleah CampbellTreasurer, Logistics & VIP Area – Aleah, well…in addition to being the boss’s wife and putting up with his tantrums, and believe me there are a lot of them…she has been organizing the travel and accommodation and our VIP tent for all our visiting dignitaries, performers, judges, dancers etc…basically, she gets to bite her tongue (sometimes) and be nice to all the prima donnas…occasionally she just snaps, can you blame her…so, what was she thinking becoming the festival Treasurer…probably trying to make sure she got a budget to keep these people in the manner they’ve been accustomed to!  Her bite, is much worse than her bark!

Derek Farrell Director / Vendors – if you’ve met him you’ll have recognized that he wears a kilt and has a funny accent!  English…need we say more…just goes to show how forgiving the Board is…okay, so he is a McFarlane with Scottish parents, you forgive us now?  Derek has been a friend of the games since 2000 and joined the Board in 2008, and we questioned that decision ever since…!  Only kidding Derek!

Paul Sinclair – Pipes & Drums

Kory Herms – Music Entertainment – 5th in line for biggest Ego, Kory Herms will be celebrating his 3rd year as the Director of Entertainment by making frequent stops at the nearest keg.  Kory’s duties include scheduling and negotiating the acts that perform on the Outdoor Stage, Glasgow Tent, and the Edinburgh Tent.  Onsite, Kory tries to accomodate not only to our guests but also our performers.

Additional interesting facts:
  • Frequently has his sexuality questioned due to his involvement with another board member, only kidding…
  • Waits around to do anything, just so Steve can do it instead
  • Doesn’t understand 60% of what is discussed at meetings (when he does attend)
  • Thinks that he’s God’s gift to music
  • Contrary to appearance, he is not 12 years old
  • Refuses to wear a kilt after the “Great Sweat Storm/Flood of 2010”  Ask Rick about that…we thought he’d been riding a horse all weekend..!

Laura Ladymon – Dance – Although this is Laura’s first year coordinating the dance tent, chances are you’ve seen her dancing at the festival. She’s been performing every year since 1997 and she’s got the mangled feet to prove it! Laura started out as a competitive Highland dancer, and back in the day she represented the southwest region at the American national championships, but these days she’s the fearless leader of the very, VERY small group of Highland dancers in the state. When she’s not on the dance stage or cheering on the many wonderful Irish dance troupes she’s known to roam over to the music tents to dance with various Celtic bands, but that’s definitely because she loves the bands and not because she loves the attention…really…really…no, really!

Matt Thompson –  Athletics He’s a big lad! Matt joined the team in 2012 and has only been competing in Highland Games around the country since 2009, but in such a short period of time is ranked 19th among Amateur Highland Games Athletes in North America.  He was Runner-up in the Pre-Elite Class for the 2012 North American Scottish Athletics Championship in Enumclaw, WA.  AND tied 6th place at the 2012 Amateur World Championships at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN.  As the athletic director he is looking forward to serving both the festival goers and the athletes so they can put on a superior display of strength and skill AND have a great time doing it.

Joshua BrownWhisky – Josh has been involved with the Oklahoma Scottish Festival since 2009.  In those four years he has volunteered his time and talents as a web developer and database administrator to make online event registration and online fundraisers a reality for the festival and its patrons.  During the festival, he’s likely to be found “pouring whisky and takin’ yer money” all while doing his best to keep Rubright & Hardagain in line.

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

OglesbeeKids Glen – coming soon…

William “Will” Rubright – Whisky –

Richard “Dick” Hardagain – Whisky –


River Parks Authority:

Tonja Pitzer – coming soon

John Graham – coming soon

Matt Carver – Creative Director – this is the guy that has been putting together some great graphics, signage and much more for the event…